10 Best Hosting Providers you should use right now


What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows individuals and organizations to post a website or web page onto the Internet.

A web hosting service provider is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet. Websites are stored or hosted on special computers called servers. When the users want to view your website, they just need to type your website address or domain name into their browser. Their computer will then connect to your server and your web pages will be delivered to them.

Here is the list of Web Hosting Providers

1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

amazon web services hosting

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.

Amazon Web Services is a collection of remote computing services, also called web services that together make up a cloud computing platform by Also, it offers deployment services that help you move faster, lower IT costs, and scale applications. Furthermore, it is trusted by the enterprises and the start-ups to power a wide variety of workloads including web and mobile applications, data processing and warehousing, storage, archive, and many others.


  • Compute, Storage, Database, Analytics, Mobile, IoT.
  • Management, Security & Identity, Application Integration.
  • Machine Learning, Blockchain, App Streaming, Game Tech, AR/VR.
  • Robotics, Media Services, CDN.

AWS offers Free Tier to get you started and explore its services, you can get it here:

There is a very good book for beginners, and it covers to the advanced topics as well:

2. DigitalOcean

digitalocean hosting

DigitalOcean is the simplest cloud platform for developers & teams. You can deploy, manage, and scale cloud applications faster and more efficiently on DigitalOcean.

It has created the fastest and most convenient cloud technology to help you easily and more efficiently manage your infrastructure so you can get back to coding. They provide all of their users with high-performance SSD Hard Drives, a flexible API, and the ability to select the nearest data center location.

Besides that developers can create a cloud server in 55 seconds, and pricing plans start at only $5 per month for 512MB of RAM, 20GB SSD, 1 CPU, and 1TB Transfer. Featuring a 99.99% Uptime SLA, DigitalOcean has servers located in New York, San Francisco, and Amsterdam.

The DigitalOcean control panel interface is simple and intuitive, which power users can replicate on a larger scale with the company’s API. DigitalOcean uses KVM virtualization and additionally hosts a library of helpful walkthroughs and tutorials that cover server configuration and optimization.

Start using DigtitalOcean now:

3. Heroku

heroku hosting

Heroku is a platform as a service (PaaS) that enables developers to build, run, and operate applications entirely in the cloud.

It is a multi-language cloud application platform to deploy, scale, and manage applications without the need for servers or administration.

It supports many languages such as Ruby, Java, Node.js, Clojure, Python, PHP, Perl, and Scala. Generally, applications that are run from the in-house server utilize the Heroku DNS server to direct to the application domain. Each of the application containers or “dynos” are spread across a “dyno grid” that consists of several servers.

Heroku also offers a free plan for exploring it, you can get it here:

There is a book for Heroku as well:

4. Bluehost


Bluehost is definitely the top choice for hosting WordPress sites. WordPress officially recommends Bluehost and it has been the number-one hosting service for their platform for almost 10 years. It has Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and a few others.

They offer services like:

  • Unlimited websites, email accounts, and domains
  • One-Click WordPress Install
  • Premium customer service
  • In-house 24/7 technical support
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Custom-built servers to provide a stable and reliable hosting environment

You can get it here:

5. Docker Cloud

docker cloud

The Docker Cloud Platform is a service launched in 2011 as the first multi-language Platform as a Service. The Platform simplifies application development by allowing programmers to focus just on the code for their service while the Platform handles code building, scaling, deployment, and load-balancing. You can do much more than just hosting websites.

This is how it works:

1. Configure your stack
Don’t waste time with servers. Just select the services you need and combine them into a stack.
One configuration file tells docker how to set up your stack. It is really easy.

2. Go live
Simply run a few commands to push your application to their platform when you are ready. Done! Your app is now online.

3. Scale
If you’re expecting a surge in traffic, simply scale your application to handle the load and increase reliability. They take care of load-balancing and failover automatically – no configuration required.

4. Monitor
Using their advanced dashboard you can see exactly what is going on with your traffic, response times, and memory usage.

You can start using Docker Cloud here:

While Docker itself is a very complex platform but it is simple to learn, there are some very good books available for docker

10 Best Tools to get a Great Domain Name

6. RackSpace


Rackspace offers much more than infrastructure alone. Because it takes much more than high-performance, reliable infrastructure to succeed in the cloud. It takes full-featured, optimized platforms, and a team of experts to run workloads.

Only Rackspace offers managed cloud, they architect, build, and operate your cloud workloads for you. Rackspace offers three service levels based on your business needs, and they’re available 24x7x365—basic setup and ongoing guidance, or, like most of their customers, for the heavy lifting.

Check it out:

7. Hostinger


Hostinger offers All-in-one, everything you’ll ever need to start, host and manage your successfully growing website. Unmetered and unlimited web hosting with tons of high-quality cloud features and space.

All Hostinger Premium & Business web hosting plans are packed with unmetered SSD disk space & bandwidth designed to fit the needs of your website perfectly. You will also be able to host any kind of website successfully, using MySQL databases, Email accounts & FTP users, Free SSL, WordPress Optimized, and Free Website Builder.

Starting at $1.75/month (as of Jan 2019), get it here:

8. Joyent


Joyent delivers container infrastructure as a service. It offers high-performance, public and private cloud software solutions for today’s demanding real-time web and mobile applications. Companies need a cloud infrastructure that is battled tested and built with instant scalability and performance. Traditional cloud infrastructure just can’t meet the demands for instant global scaling.

Joyent engineers provide 360 degree support for modern application architectures, including microservices, APIs, development frameworks and container-native devops tooling.

With Joyent, companies can stop overpaying for peaks and spikes and provision just for baseline demand. They can also experience a new level of operational dexterity and control by leveraging a single infrastructure for public cloud, private cloud, or a combination of both. Joyent is the only cloud infrastructure that delivers bare-metal performance from a virtual machine; Enabling applications to run faster and more reliably than on traditional public or private cloud infrastructure.

Try it here:

9. WP Engine

wp engine

WP Engine’s mission is to provide the best possible managed WordPress hosting customer experience, which includes tech support, where only WordPress experts answer questions. However, they serve 200,000,000 requests daily, each one carefully and continuously tuned for speed, scalability, and security. And they’re loved by thousands of bloggers, popular sites down and also small companies who care about their SEO ranking and their users’ experience.

Products include:
– Fully-managed CDN
– Scalable under heavy traffic loads
– A one-click staging area to test changes to your WP site
– WordPress updates inside of an hour after release
– Automated Backup and “Time Machine” for WordPress
– Curated plugins and updates

Use the code wpe20off to get 4 months free when you purchase an annual plan.

Use it now:

10. BladeWP

blade wp

Lastly, BladeWP is a web hosting business that offers secure and fast WordPress hosting. Their main goal is to satisfy their customers, and therefore they guarantee you satisfaction when using their hosting service. They provide a clear and simple explanation of their products; Also, if any help for setting up is required, the people behind BladeWP are always prepared to help you.

This makes their hosting service suitable for every company as well as every individual. The owners built their own caching method, so they can make sure their customers’ websites are very fast. With fast WordPress hosting, excellent service and, most importantly, very content customers; BladeWP is a wonderful company to host your websites.

They offer services like:

  • One-Click Backup
  • Free Migration service
  • No Contracts
  • Free Service when hacked
  • Full-time support (24/7)

Start using it now:

In conclusion, a good hosting provider is a crucial part of your website or web app.

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