5 Advantages Of Google Photos And How You Can Make Full Use Of It.

Google Photos

In the first place, Google Photos is a photo sharing and storage service developed by Google. Also, it gives users free, unlimited storage for photos and videos.

Furthermore, it can automatically analyze photos, identify visual features and subjects. Users can search for anything in photos, with the service returning results from three major categories: People, Places, and Things.

In addition to that, it recognizes faces, grouping similar ones together, geographic landmarks, and subject matter, including birthdays, buildings, animals, food, and more.

5 awesome features of Google Photos

1. Face Recogntition

Face Recognition by google photos

Face Recognition is a technology capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source. Google Photos works by comparing selected facial features from the given image with faces within a database. Also described as a Biometric Artificial Intelligence-based application, which can uniquely identify a person by analyzing patterns based on the person’s facial textures and shape.

Hence, it analyzes photos for similar faces and groups them together in the People category. And, it can also track faces as they age, meaning it can detect the same person’s photo throughout his/her lifespan at different ages and conditions.

2. Landmarks


After that Photos is capable of recognizing landmarks very accurately and can show a handful of information about that specific place. Also, it uses geo-tagging to determine the place where the photo is taken. Hence, uses that information to provide a better user experience on its platform. Users can simply search for a place and it will show all the photos which either has that place in it or is captured at that place.

3. Documents

Google Photos Scans Document

Besides that, it has recently introduced a new feature called Google Lens on mobile platforms only. Thus it can easily identify documents from a bunch of images and is able to enhance ( crop and adjust colors ) it as well. Also, users can convert it into a PDF file and save it to their devices.

It can also find products in photos and provides options to buy similar and relevant products.

4. Auto enhance photos

Google Photos can auto-enhance photos: adjust colors, saturation, brightness, etc. and can also make old black-and-white photos colorful. And has effects such as color pop which grayscales background and arbitrary objects except for the primary subject.

5. Smart actions

In addition to those features, Photos uses AI to identify clutter in your collection and asks you to archive them. Thus provides an option to delete photos automatically which have been backed up in the cloud.

Furthermore, Photos organize albums of your trips and create beautiful colleagues, short videos, color pop images. And, also identify other persons in your photos and asks to share those photos with them.

Get a complete overview of all new features below:

Use now:

Web: https://photos.google.com

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.photos

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/google-photos/id962194608

Other platforms: https://photos.google.com/apps

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