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5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Learning Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most misunderstood terms in technology. There are several arguments of how this could result in a very disturbing concept for the human race. Stephen Hawking (one of the greatest physicist and cosmologist) has warned that AI could end the human race.

Some argue that it will cause several distortions, especially unemployment and to be honest it may but that’s how things get advanced and I suggest you – “think again”.

People used to carry things by other means which took more time and effort when there were no trucks. Whereas now, it takes very less time to transport tonnes of materials from one place to another. One can easily say that trucks stole the jobs of many workers. But didn’t that increase our potential and enabled us to do things that we couldn’t before the existence of trucks.

There are many more such examples to contradict that AI could cause unemployment. However, humans manage, maintain and even code AI which is an opportunity for employment. Of course, we need to control it or it can destroy us as guns and missiles can ( just an example ).

What this simply means is that artificial intelligence can help to improve human life and reduce stress for instance. Let’s get into it.

These are the areas where AI can be useful:

Artificial Intelligence in Entertainment Industry​

Artificial Intelligence Robot playing piano

There are AI novel writers, songwriting and composing software, and it’s also pretty good. There is Magenta, developed by Google, which can compose music on its own. Check out this interesting video below for instance.

We have seen the first AI movies too, no not up to human standards quite yet, but certainly getting there. AI can also mix-and-match previously untried combinations in real-time and at a very low cost. One of the movies that displayed what AI could do to a high extent is the movie Battleship released in 2012. 

Artificial Intelligence in Big Data Analysis & Business Insights​

Artificial Intelligence for data analysis

Data is probably the most important raw material today. But this raw data is hovering in the air unprocessed, and useless all around us. Artificial Intelligence can do data mining, and processing of big data in a few minutes to provide information on business insights.

For every company, organization and even the government, decision-making is a very vital role to play. Because a single error could cost a lot or possible bring the organization to a ruin. There are millions of gigabytes of data that need to be analyzed. Big data analysis helps to extract, analyze and compress raw information to assist in decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence for Fraud Detection​

Artificial Intelligence for fraud detection

Artificial intelligence can detect frauds by data analysis of several fraudulent behaviors. The system can trace out links and possible direction, which fraud is most likely to take through.

The application of artificial intelligence, which involves Data analysis of the previous record in a cognitive system to track, trace, and even be totally be aware of possible fraudulent action before they occur.

Automated Systems​

automated robots

The improvement of technology has always recognized and worked along gone systems to improve works. Introduction of artificial intelligence in hotel bookings, tractors, and factory machine are all speedily becoming automated to minimize waste, decrease errors and improve production.

Artificial intelligence has come to play that very pressing role that can transform the face of an entire economy to a more sophisticated means.

A few more applications of AI:

1. Problem Solving: This is the most basic application of AI, where it can solve critical and complex problems, just like human beings.

2. Medical Science: In medical science, AI works as virtual personal healthcare assistants that can perform research and analytics. Healthcare bots are there to provide customer support and assistance, 24/7.

3. Data Analytics: We can use AI to improve data analytics, evolve algorithms faster with the transaction data and deliver new data insights.

4. Aerospace Industry: Almost every activity performed to manage air transportation is based on Artificial Intelligence techniques. There are numerous uses of AI in air transportation activities. The survival of air transport without AI is unimaginable.

5. Gaming: With the evolution of AI, video games have advanced by providing gaming bots who can act and play like real players and you can get the game started without waiting for other players to play with you.

6. In addition to the above-mentioned applications, it can also be used in hundreds of other applications. Such as speech recognition, image processing, vision systems, handwriting recognition, etc.

In conclusion, I want to say that AI is like all other things which are good if we use it in a controlled manner but if we misuse it then it surely will destroy the very human existence. Here the main questionable term is not Artificial Intelligence but Human itself.

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