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Best GUI Git Clients for Windows, Mac, & Linux

Best GUI Git Client

Hello everyone! I hope you all are coding well; If not you’ll get there and if you are already there then its time for an upgrade, learn more because it’s never enough (the knowledge I mean). So, today I am going to show you some of the Best GUI Git Clients available in the market which can be used by beginners as well as advanced developers.

Git is undoubtedly the most used VCS (Version Control System) in the world. Most of the projects use Git repositories to store and manage codes, whether it’s an individual or a big enterprise. Git makes it easier to code as well as it provides some great collaboration features so that you can work efficiently with your team on a project.

So far Git has become a skill that every developer must have. For the first time, understanding all the operations and commands can be difficult for beginners. But there are some great tools out there that are making it simpler by providing GUI alternatives to Git CLI. Below is a list of best GUI Git clients.

Github Desktop – Easy to use

Github Desktop is so far the best GUI Git client for Windows. It is built by Github. This is the first tool to use if you use Github to host your projects and because it is designed by Github, it contains loads of features especially for their VCS. GitHub Desktop is basically an extension of GitHub workflow; It is a wonderful tool that provides you with a rich UI (User Interface) and lets you manage your code without typing in any commands in the command window.

  • You can create new repositories
  • Add local repositories
  • Perform most of the Git operations from the UI
  • Track your changes in a very easy way
  • And much more

GitHub Desktop is completely Open Source, and its available for Mac OS and Window.
Download it now: Github Desktop
Unfortunately, it is not available for Linux as of now.

GitKraken – The Best One

After Github Desktop there is GitKraken. It is also one of the best, if not the best, GUI Git Clients with great UI, themes, and features. I must admit it looks really cool and certainly has more features than any other GUI Git client available today.

Unlike Github Desktop, it supports various VCS including GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket, and Gitlab as well. It comes with collaboration features; And is the most visually appealing Git client. Features like built-in code editor to start working on that project, drag and drop functionality, and commit graph provides an intuitive experience while using this tool.

GitKraken is available in free, premium and enterprise variants. The free version is suitable for small teams and start-ups, but you might need to upgrade once your team and work both expand.

GitKraken is available for MacOS, Windows & Linux.
Start using it now: Download GitKraken

There is a tutorial for Beginners by GitKraken

SourceTree – Good and easy

Sourcetree Best GUI Git Clients

Another good GUI Git client is SourceTree, a free Git client developed by Atlassian, the company behind Jira and Bitbucket. It has awesome support for repositories hosted by Bitbucket as well as GitHub. SourceTree is a little more advanced than GitHub Desktop and provides more features and operations from the UI (not as good as GitKraken but certainly better than Github Desktop). It is an enterprise-grade tool that you might be using as a part of a larger team.

SourceTree is available for MacOS and Windows.
Get it now: SourceTree
No Linux, please use other client if you are a Linux user.

SmartGit – Another Good Client


SmartGit is another good Git client that is available for free for non-commercial organizations. But you might need to purchase a license if you are going to use it for commercial purpose.

SmartGit is not very easy-to-use and requires some good knowledge of git commands. You might get overwhelmed to see lots of buttons and options available on the UI. SmartGit supports Git as well as SVN and comes with all the collaboration features as well.

SmartGit is available for MacOS, Windows & Linux.
Click here to get it: SmartGit
SmartGit requires a fair knowledge of Git commands.

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