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Top 5 Git based Version Control Service

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Git is the most widely used version control system used worldwide for storing, versioning and tracking changes in source code of software projects. Here we will see all major version control service based on Git, go through them one-by-one and compare their features.



GitHub is the first one (even on google) if you are looking for a version control service based on Git and it is one of the largest, most famous and used service across the globe. It is now the biggest community of developers who work together and contribute to other’s projects.

GitHub is a great place to start if you are just starting your Git journey or getting into the Open Source community. It has a vast community to help you with any problem, and tons of free resources are available for GitHub.

The best thing about GitHub is the experience and knowledge you acquire while working on different projects, solving different bugs, and implementing new features to existing projects. It is a good way to understand how large teams work on the same project. You will learn many things that you didn’t know before (and I can guarantee that).

GitHub also comes with many tools to make it easy for you to manage your project and solve issues easily. With GitHub Pages, you can host static websites easily and wiki provides a better way to manage documentation for your project. There are many integrations available to make your coding life easy. From Continuous Integration to Code Coverage to Automation Services and many more.


  • Vast and active community, tons of resources.
  • Great projects to work with and gain experience.
  • Large collection of tools and integrations, check out GitHub Marketplace
  • Free Private Repository
  • Team and organization management
  • GitHub Desktop Client
  • GitHub Pages and Wiki
Check it out: GitHub



GitLab started as the best alternative for GitHub, but now it has become a great Git based VCS. It has many great features such as project planning, project management, Continuous Integration (CI/CD), Out-of-box pipelines. It is a complete DevOps suite with some features not available on GitHub.

GitLab’s community may not be as big as GitHub’s but it has many good resources with decent community support and many people prefer GitLab over GitHub.


  • Good amount of resources.
  • Built in CI/CD.
  • Issue Tracking
  • Wiki
  • Complete DevOps Suite
  • Free Private Repository
Check it out: GitLab


BitBucket git

Above all, BitBucket is developed by Atlassian, an Australian enterprise software company that develops products for software developers, project managers, and content management. Thus, it is an enterprise-grade version control system designed to efficiently handle large projects and teams.

BitBucket doesn’t have a lot of resources or a big community but it has features required by organizations and enterprises to manage their projects. You can build, test and deploy also all at one place. Although, it is not suitable for beginners but surely a good VCS if you have some experience.


  • Project management
  • Wiki
  • Add-ons and Integrations
  • BitBucket Pipelines
  • Trello Boards
  • Desktop Client
Check it out: BitBucket


sourceforge git

SourceForge is a complete Open Source and Business Software Platform. It is a complete suite of tools for Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Projects. Also, it has a built-in malware scanner that scans all projects on the sites to make sure they do not contain malware.

SourceForge is not as good as previously mentioned VCS; But, it provides many facilities like source code repository, bug tracking, wiki, micro-blog, launch, mirroring, load balancing. While there are many features which you cannot find, it still has some good features.


  • Repository
  • Bug Tracking
  • Wiki
  • Micro-blog
  • User discussion forums
  • Rate and review
Check it out: SourceForge


launchpad git

Finally comes Launchpad, a web application that allows users to develop and maintain software (particularly open-source software)and is developed and maintained by Canonical Ltd. It is not as popular as all others mentioned before but it is used by Ubuntu developers to manage and release their applications.

Launchpad is not something where beginners can jump into, you need to have some experience and knowledge before using this platform. However, it has fairly big community and a good amount of resource to start with.


  • Code hosting (Repository)
  • Bug tracking
  • Blueprints (Project Planning)
  • Localization (Translation)
  • Answers (Community support & Knowledgebase)
Check it out: Launchpad

According to me, if you are a beginner start with GitHub and then expand to GitLab and BitBucket.
GitLab, BitBucket & SourceForge are good choices for experienced developers.
Launchpad is primarily for Ubuntu developers, use it if you are one or intend to become one.

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